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Weekly Unravel Yoga Classes*

M             5:30-6:30p              Live Online Yoga Class using Zoom | Level One+ Hatha | $12-15/class**

T              11:00a-12:15p        In-Person Gentle Yoga  |  Level One +  |  $12-15/class**  | King Of Glory Church in Boise, ID

T              4:45 - 5:45p            Live Online Yoga Class using Zoom | Level One+ Hatha  |  $12-15/class**

TH           9:30 - 10:30a           Live Online Yoga Class using Zoom | Level One Hatha  |  $12-15/class**

Starting in November 2022: RESTORATIVE YOGA ONLINE, First Monday | November through February, 2023

Unravel Yoga Philosophy: Our body's energy ebbs and flows with the seasons. Varying the practice between Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Mind Body Alignment and Restorative gives the yogi a well-rounded practice — like eating from a buffet with a wide variety of delicious dishes. Contact me directly for more information and to sign up for classes. 

Note: Content and level will vary with each class as they are sequenced with the participants and their specific therapeutic needs in mind. 

*Due to the Online format must RSVP 30 minutes prior to Class to receive link.

**Pricing is sliding scale and reflects purchase of class card for 4 or more classes.


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