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Thai Yoga Body Therapy is an experience that surpasses traditional massage. Johnnie's serene and intuitive nature blends perfectly with her fluid strength and healing work. I feel myself unwind and stretch, both externally and internally. It's obvious that Johnnie connects with each client individually in order to deliver the work needed for their specific session. I love the setting, the stretching, the healing, the warmth of my workout clothes (ha!), Johnnie herself and the calm that I leave with.  ~ Dominique E.

Recommended to me as a possible fix for an old shoulder injury that never healed properly, Johnnie started working the shoulder, breaking up the fascia and gristle that was impeding movement. It hurt (in a good way) and got me to where it was no longer an issue. She also worked on my daughter, who incurred a shoulder injury during her Wing Chun training, and she did an amazing job with her as well. Outstanding! ~ Gary O.

Johnnie is an intuitive and extremely gifted healer! She knows just the area to work on and I always come away feeling restored and deeply renewed in body, heart, and spirit. Her sessions are much more than just moving your body. It's a spa day with deep healing!  ~ Shannon T.

Johnnie is an incredible healer! One session is like having a month of physical therapy. The session heals far beyond the physical! ~ Karen G.

I would like to thank the above people for their kind words. Testimonials are not about fluffing the ego. Rather, they are about sharing experiences so you know if I am a good fit for you. They also are about heart connections with other souls, witnessing the struggle and extending a helping hand to pull each other up to a higher level. 

The bright light in me bows with great reverence to the bright light in you!

Johnnie Shaver

I highly recommend Johnnie and her Thai Body Therapy! Tremendous healing, feelings of wellness and increased energy result from my sessions with her. Her kind, loving manner combined with her skillful approach allows me to relax and receive. Johnnie is soulful and caring, making the experience a pure delight. ~ Jill R. F.

Johnnie is an amazing Thai Yoga practitioner.  She creates the best combination of yoga, massage and meditation.  I always leave feeling immensely better physically and emotionally.  -B


Johnnie is an outstanding yoga instructor.  She radiates calm and helps each student where they are at.  She truly teaches.  I LOVE her classes. -B

Johnnie Shaver has been my yoga instructor for 10+ years. Her yoga skills and knowledge, as well as her intuition and caring nature, combine to make her a very effective teacher. Johnnie encourages her students to talk about our weekly “challenges” so she can remain in sync with each individual’s needs.  She is resourceful on our behalf, reading and researching to keep abreast of new developments in biological sciences and yoga techniques. She is always refining her instruction to better facilitate our understanding and practice. Johnnie is truly a gem, as a person and as a yoga teacher. ` Julie T.

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